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Saturday, 20 June 2015

GE2015 - a YouTube conversation ...

mick george

May I be the first to congratulate you on condemning the people of England to a future of Tory rule.

Peter Curran

+mick george The people of England did that all by themselves, Mick. If Scottish Labour had won all 59 Scottish seat, UK still had a Tory Government. If you're an English voter, put your English political house in order - get yourselves a Parliament: better still, get independence.

+Peter Curran  Sorry Peter. But the maths is of course affected by the campaigning. And I do seem to remember a certain Mrs Sturgeon rocking around England telling them to "Vote Green" and that the "The SNP will hold the power". It is widely acknowledged that Scottish Nationalism, and the reactive English nationalism played a significant role in the Tory Majority. Anyway, good luck with the Anti Austerity Plan.

Peter Curran

Whatever motivated the English electorate, they voted Tory, and got the government they wanted. Time to grow up politically now, and takes responsibility for the actions of their nation, with a population 11 times that of Scotland, and stop blaming the little nation to the north of them, which grew up politically a long time ago.