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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My YouTube channel – posting, embedding and removal issues

I don't offer explanations for how I manage my channel - I have posted and taken down hundreds of videos over the life of my channel - and I don't intend to offer my primary reason for taking down either single clips or groups. They are many and varied.

As for those who embed my clips, that's the risk they take - the embedder doesn't control the video, and runs the risk of being left with blank spaces when the originator, in this case me,  takes it down. I rarely embed other videos on my blogs, but when I do, I accept that risk.

If you have chosen to embed a clip or clips of mine, accept that risk, and please don’t come back to me protesting and demanding that I re-instate the clip. Do your own work, open your own channel – it’s not rocket science.

I don’t offer a clip on demand service, but for politicians who value my unpaid work  and who have the courtesy to tell me so privately, by email, phone or Twitter DM (there are a few!) I am happy to make the effort to find, clip, edit and post.

I claim no copyright in the majority my clips, since the vast bulk of them are clips from BBC programmes. I do badge them with a tiny logo, and I do like polite recognition of the amount of work necessary to scan broadcast channels, select what I think to be of significance and the time-consuming process of editing and uploading.

None of my clips are monetised by me, but on occasion the copyright holder permits me to use them on the understanding that they may place ads on them. (It is not possible to solicit donations on a YouTube channel.)

There is another class of embedder - the ones who embed without acknowledgment of the originator who did all the work, but do little else themselves than embed other people's clips, then solicit donations for their 'work'. If you’re of that ilk and suddenly find a rash of blank space where my clips once were, c’est la vie, mon ami

And finally, to those who do express their appreciation of my work over six or seven years, my heartfelt thanks to you – it is appreciated and you are the reason I continue …