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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Corbynite, Mhairi Black, Blue Labour and Blairites - Labour heads for a split

The UK Labour Party is emerging from the stunned shock and denial period of their GE2015 defeat and utter rout in Scotland rather faster than the Scottish branch office, displaying frenetic activity but deeply divided by Corbynism and Corbyinite.

Spin Doctor Death exposed to Corbynite on Newsnite 21st July

Having failed to understand what happened to them in 2007 and 2011 in the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Labour compounded their decades-long folly by their alliance with the Tories and the lamentable LibDems in the 2014 referendum campaign. They now wander in a political wilderness they themselves created - leaderless, rudderless and without a compass - with one solitary voice in Westminster.

Westminster Labour, locked in their own bitter leadership contest, and daily confronted by Team56, the Jockalypse made flesh - broad-based, vibrant, articulate, humorous and highly professional - have nonetheless managed to work reasonably well with Team56 on EVEL and foxhunting(!) mainly because they have been mercifully stripped of the leaden mediocrity of most of the 40 Labour MPs who lost their seats, and significantly because the sole survivor of the Scottish Labour wipe-out, Iain Murray is a perceptive intelligent man of principle who understands exactly what his role as a Scottish Labour unionist is vis-à-vis Team56.

However their leadership contest, which might have just been a trio of contenders with token variants of Tory Mk 2 Labour with a few Blairite-Brownite points of difference, has had a grenade with the pin pulled thrown into the ring in the person of Jeremy Corbyn - an unwelcome injection of socialism and anti-austerity, anti-neo-liberalism, anti-nuclear, anti-military/industrial complex views and - most unwelcome of all - crystal-clear principles and views free of the doublethink, vacuous motherhood statements and obfuscation that comprise every utterance of the other three candidates.

The Blairites, hoping to capitalise on Miliband's rout through their poster girl Liz Kendall, saw the dangers of Corbynite immediately, and are now trying desperately to rubbish it through their Blue Labour network of media and academic mouthpieces. Let's look a a few recent examples -

Anne McElvoy, senior editor at The Economist, whose views are abundantly clear every time she opens her mouth on a political panel on television, is given a seven-page spread, no less, in The Sunday Times magazine under the title Holding out for a Hero. Clearly not too happy that Liz Kendall's candidacy is looking increaingly threatened as she squabbles with Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham and proves inadequate in dealing with Jeremy Corbyn, Anne McElvoy tries to take the long view and build up a new poster boy who seems machined to perfection for Blairite/New Labour role. He is cast as Anne's Heathcliff, with just the right background and profile - Daniel Owen Woolgar Jarvis MBE - MP for Barnsley Central, educated at King's College London, The Royal Military College Sandhurst and Aberystwyth University. As The Telegraph (which clearly likes the cut of his jib) puts it "Almost all of Jarvis’s past life is bound up with the military world."

Some samples of Anne McElvoy's hagiographic piece - "An MP who has Westminster swooning at his feet", "At a post-defeat thinkathon, a gaggle of excited, youngish Labour women gathers round him - an early indidcator of political sex appeal" etc. Dan gets a full page photo in addition to many others to help Sunday Times readers to swoon vicariously.

Comparisions with early Tony Blair are made, and McElvoy quotes Jarvis as approaching ex-PM Blair and saying "I fought in all your wars." McElvoy makes the revealing statement that "His chief supporter was Jim Murphy, the ousted Blairite leader of Scottish Labour who helped Jarvis get selected to his Barnley seat in 2011" It certainly figures that Murphy, with his shadow defence roles, hoping for a big defence role if Labour won in 2015, and with his involvement in the Henry Jackson Society would have wanted such an ally when Labour blundered into some new Middle East war, say with Iran or Syria, at the behest of American hawks.

We can smile at Anne McElvoy's Wuthering Jarvis fandom - and we can feel sorry for Jarvis, a man touched by tragic loss, who may well not have welcomed it. What we can't ignore is the scurrilous attacks mounted on Corbyn and Mhairi Black by Blue Labour and the unionist press (it's sometimes hard to distinguish between them) such as the Telegraph, The Scotsman and the gratuitously offensive Ron Liddle in The Sunday Times.