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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The EVEL Farce – playing at a Parliament near you …

The Noes have it, by 291 to 2! Government abstained from voting on their own misconceived policy. Erskine May says "W******!"

I look forward to Ruth Davidson's take on this debate, not to mention that of Baroness Goldie of Bishopton, Deputy Lieutenant.

We are reminded by today's debate that the Tory Party richly deserve their appellation - worn with pride - as The Stupid Party.

After David Winnick's ironic observation that Government MPs had maybe not heard the division bell, Tories are now an object of derision.

Alex Salmond MP: "The Leader of the House appears not just to have abstained, but to have fled the field entirely ..."

I don't want federalism as an alternative to independence.

But I support fully SNP's current strategy within UK - that's where we are at the moment - in the UK and in Westminster. I have no doubt that Pete Wishart, effectively and passionately, was reflecting accurately the core consensus of SNP #Team56

But Pete Wishart was making a powerful case for federalism with rather more enthusiasm than I would want! Others will undoubtedly disagree with me. But who knows what the future holds?

Pete Wishart "If this is an attempt to try and save the Union, God help them. ..seems as though they're trying to push us out.."

Two kinds of Scots. I celebrate and admire the first kind, Martin Docherty. (I lived in his constituency for 14 years – I know it intimately and love it dearly.) The less I say about the second kind, Iain Stewart, the better. It was wise of him to remind us he was a Scot, otherwise it would have been easy to forget it.

This clip give a real insight into the minds of an archetypal  English unionist, Sir Edward Leigh and a Northern Ireland unionist, Jeffrey Donaldson, and their views on the impact of Scotland upon the union.

Their fears are manifest - and well-founded. The Union is already crumbling - this process is now inexorable and historically inevitable and, dependent on your perspective, welcome and inspiring (mine!) or tragic and dangerous (unionist).

Some may regard it as more of a Brian Rix Whitehall farce of yesteryear, with doors slamming, knights huffing and puffing, and English trousers falling down all over the Westminster stage ...