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Friday, 12 February 2016

Some thoughts on Scotland and Brexit to an English OUT friend...

Although Scotland is more IN than OUT versus rUK, it's not clearly delineated on party lines. A significant proportion of YES supporters, incl. SNP, are for OUT, with some prominent people arguing for Brexit.  The SNP Party’s  position is clearly IN.

For many, the question hangs on whether the EU is capable of reform - all are agreed reform is urgently necessary. The ironies multiply when it is considered against the Scottish independence question. From a unionist (NO to indy) perspective, it is a contradiction that a Scottish nationalist should support a European union. From a nationalist viewpoint, it is a contradiction that Better Together opposes a European union whilst defending a dysfunctional conglomerate of four nations, the Disunited Kingdom.

I am pro-Europe because as a nationalist, committed to Scottish sovereignty, the reality of inter-dependence of sovereign states seems self-evident - the problem lies in the nature of effective inter-dependent mechanisms that involve the necessary limited surrender of aspects of sovereignty, whilst retaining national identity and core sovereignty.

The trade, defence and social policy dimensions pose formidable problems - but I feel isolationism won't make these problems go away, but simply exacerbate them. It's not helped by Cameron's utter ineptitude as a negotiator, and his class's detachment from reality.

I'm reminded of two maxims - Nils Bohr's dictum that the test of a truly fundamental (physics) question is that both sides of it can be argued with equal conviction by an intelligent man.

The other is my old Goodyear American High Heid Yins belief that "There's no problem, however complex. Pete, which on close, detailed examination, doesn't become more goddamned complex!