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Thursday, 11 February 2016

The way we were - or at least I was - back in 2008

I started my original blog in February 2008, at the beginning of my conversion to SNP from a lifetime of Labour support. I first voted for the SNP in 2007, but didn’t join the party till the following year. In December 2009, I had a heart attack and a quad bypass in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. On discharge eleven days later, I tried to get back to blogging, but was subjected to an onslaught of abuse and threats online, plus a veiled threat from an MP to get the BBC to sue me for copyright breach. In my enfeebled condition, recuperating from a life-threatening event and surgery, I just wasn’t up to fighting my corner. I closed my blog, and without backup, lost all the blogs, covering one of my most intensive periods of blogging.

However, I have recently begun to piece together some stuff from that lost period from various sources – emailed URL links, online comment to newspapers etc.

This one related to Gordon Brown, a politician I’ve been deeply suspicious and sceptical about since late 2002.

27 Jun 2008

Anyone with who watched the definitive Andrew Marr interview of Brown in September 2006 saw a hesitant, evasive man, lacking in warmth, confidence and authority, showing neither passion nor conviction, uttering platitudes, and boasting of his moral compass, a man who had remained silent and complicit during the horrors of Iraq, Gaza and Lebanon and who uncritically bankrolled the war.

Yet this was the man chosen by Labour to lead the Party and, by default, the nation. No challenger emerged, no voice was raised against him, and he was uncritically supported by supine journalists. Gordon Brown's defining characteristic in office, again and again, has been cowardice - moral and  political - and, to its eternal shame, he now accurately reflects the rotting husk of what once the Labour Party.

Labour is dead, and it deserves to die - nothing can save it now - it is morally and intellectually bankrupt.

I speak as a Scot and a former Labour supporter of over fifty years standing, man and boy. I am now proudly, if belatedly, a Scottish nationalist. What is left for England? I can only hope that some vestiges of values and principles remain among Labour MPs and that they decisively repudiate the Party and find new groupings and allegiances before the country slides inexorably towards the condition of a paranoid police state.