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Sunday, 3 July 2016


YES to Independence has the most committed activist supporters

YES to Independence has the most effective online presence

YES to Independence has the best organisation

A YES party (SNP) is in its 3rd term in government and, with Green supporter, has an overall majority

A YES party (SNP) with a massive membership, has a charismatic, high media visibility leader

A YES party (SNP) has a massive, dominant Scottish Westminster presence and 2015 general election mandate from the electorate

The main UK opposition parties (Labour, Tories and UKIP) are in near meltdown mode, and a third (LibDems) is almost irrelevant.

SNP Government has a May 2016 mandate from the electorate  to resist Brexit and call #indyref2 based on its manifesto commitment

SNP Government has a June 2016 mandate (62%) from the EUReferendum electorate to resist Brexit

SNP Government has a mandate from the Scottish Parliament to resist Brexit

Such a winning combination may never occur again

If we can't win now - can we ever win?