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Sunday, 25 September 2016

#Indyref2 timing, political comment - and my Sunday tweets

I'm an SNP member (I hold no role in party or branch) and independence supporter. I speak as that, and as a Scottish voter. No more, no less.

I don't like former Cabinet Minister/former MSPs using terms like "headlong rush to disaster" and "glorious defeat" to my FM on #indyref2

I don't like  former SNP senior figures who argued for a profoundly destructive #Brexit urging caution and talking of "bravado forecasts" in the context of #indyref2’s timing.

I don't like "SNP deputy leader hopefuls" (SUNDAY HERALD) dismissing my wish for an early #indyref2 as "a toxic mix of machismo and clairvoyancy"

I was born five days after Spanish Civil War started, started school as Germany over-ran Europe. I saw the liberation of Europe and the Belsen and Auschwitz death camps in full graphic detail in Glasgow cinemas days after the events. I saw the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs dropped – and their horrific aftermath - in Glasgow cinemas days after the events. As a young married man with a pregnant wife, I held my breath during the Cuban Missile crisis.

I’ve observed every war since. I’ve seen every general election since and voted in most of them. I saw India's independence and NHS's birth. I saw the European Union’s birth.

I offer my little bio as evidence that I'm no fan of "headlong rush to disaster", "glorious defeat" or "machismo and clairvoyancy".

Commentators who urge only prudence and caution in pursuit of independence know little of history and even less about risk and uncertainty.

At this difficult and crucial time, our FM may reasonably expect her ministers, MSPs, MEPS and MPs to express their views privately to her.

At this difficult and crucial time for our FM, she may also reasonably expect voters to speak freely in any forum of their hopes and fears.