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Monday, 24 October 2016

Brexit, Flexit, EFTA, indyref2, Nicola, Theresa - and that manifesto commitment

Political parties can review manifesto commitments if there's a material change of circumstances - but SNP's in 2015 on a possible Brexit is about a material change!

BBC News at One: #Nicola in Downing Street with devolved nations on #Brexit options Theresa May set to reject flexible Brexit deal for Scotland

I can live with EFTA and independence in a sovereign country free to join EU. I can't live with EFTA under UK. I want #indyref2 to be called. Scotland is being taken out of EU against my will as an SNP voter, and EFTA membership doesn't cut it for me. But I'm one voter, one voice

I voted SNP to remain in the EU, not to join EFTA Here's the manifesto commitment I voted on.

The SNP Manifesto commitment

Read it carefully - it's that 'or' word after the dash that's the essence - we don't need "sustained evidence" of a majority - just an EU Brexit

We ARE being taken out of EU against our will. I voted SNP to remain in the EU, not to join EFTA

The European Union is very much more than EFTA. I voted to Remain in the EU and for #indyref2 if UK took us out of EU against our will. I didn't limit it to remaining in the single_market.

Stephen answers the question that Angus Robertson sidestepped. Jo Coburn ".enough to say you wouldn't call #infyref2? Stephen Gethins "Of course …"

The Two Tier Brexit

JO COBURN: "Unrealistic demands"? Will it kill #indyref2?

STEPHEN GETHINS: “Of course …”

In the unlikely event that Nicola gets some kind of two-tier Brexit, will it kill #indyref2? If it does, does it mean we're in UK for ever? A flexible two-tier Brexit must be our minimum, Union-breaker demand.

But Theresa May knows that granting one is, de facto, the end of Union. She will almost certainly reject Nicola's bid for a flexible Brexit deal -  a Flexit or offer a meaningless fudge.The pattern was set during indyref1 campaign: UK and UK media ignore Scots until they're seen as a threat, then offer a bone, then pull the bone back when Scots settle down.