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Thursday, 27 October 2016

My letter on CommonSpace articles on anti-BBC billboard campaign

Common Space carried two articles yesterday on the crowd-funded anti-BBC billboard campaign. One of the articles, by Kirsty Strickland, questioned the wisdom of such a campaign at this time. I posted a comment in support, although my reasons differed in some respects. I thought it might be useful to reproduce it here.


Wed, 10/26/2016 - 20:33

I'm with you Kirsty. I have been a trenchant and detailed critic of the BBC for over eight years on my YouTubeChannel, blogs and Twitter, but equally I have valued much of their excellent output, e.g. Parliament Channel, Holyrood and PMQs, Dateline London. 95% of my YouTube clips are BBC, and they [BBC] have provided a vital platform and information base for YES politicians and spokesperson and voters. Without the BBC, I would have no YouTube channel and would be infinitely less-informed.

Much of the anti-BBC stuff is blatant one-sided stereotyping - selecting one isolated example of bias as representative from an otherwise informative and balanced item, and entirely ignoring positive coverage. This has served to obscure much valuable coverage and debate and has alienated many Scottish BBC professionals simply trying to do their jobs.

The BBC is the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation - of course it has an inbuilt-bias to the status quo in a State of 65m people of whom 5m are Scots with about half of that 5m committed to independence. Some realism is needed as to how the BBC will inevitable behave, and much energy is wasted in attacks which change nothing. Our cause is independence, not BBC-bashing. Print media have much more to answer for.

Peter Curran (Moridura)