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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Sunday’s tweets @moridura - #indyref2

"There must be a threat, there must be a risk, there must be a price for Britain's actions." French President Francois Hollande. #indyref2

As the sole united, competent political party in UK, the #SNP has never been better placed to initiate a lead a campaign for independence.

#Iain_Macwhirter "Britain, for centuries a land identified with liberal internationalism has turned into an international pariah."

There comes a time when the prudent, responsible response is to ACT and act fast, not postpone action till some imagined stable future point

Are we hoping Theresa's ill-begotten team will negotiate a deal that safeguards Scotland's interests? Or that EU will ride to our rescue?

If the slow, careful plans for independence seem to be rolling off the table, it's because the inclination of the UK ship is straight down.

Scotland isn't perceived as either responsible or cautious by May's Govt.
It's regarded as neutered in protecting its interests by #indyref1

Scotland's a small country in an unstable UK, European and global political climate. It can't remain shackled to a UK in political chaos.

When endangered by a rash political enemy, elimination of risk in responding is not a feasible strategy. The biggest risk is risk avoidance.

Nicola walks carefully across the Brexit abyss towards - what?Peter Curran added,

I can't believe there's "there isn't really a team Sturgeon" (Gerry Hassan). But there are inevitable tensions over #indyref2 balancing act

Waiting for Brexit is not like waiting for Godot. Godot never came: #Brexit will, and be as bad or worse than we can imagine. Call #indyref2
"We can't afford to lose a second independence referendum"
We can't afford to stand impotently and watch this Tory regime destroy #Scotland

I'm not part of any "fundamentalist wing" of SNP (there isn't one) but I believe we should set a date for enabling the #indyref2 process now

IainMacwhirter: "Support for Better Together's 'caring sharing' UK fatally undermined."
If it has, why no #indyref2?

Thinking the achievement of a country's independence can be a seamless, risk-free process is either naivety or close to political cowardice.

#SNP_Conference will be an important counterweight to the “narrow minded xenophobia” of the #Tories and the “rank incompetence” of #Labour

Tories take England’s #NHS on a path towards their ideological goal of privatisation by increasing spend on agency staff to over £4 billion

Tory-controlled #NHS in #England spending significant and increasing sums of money on agency and temporary staff.

Tory-controlled #NHS in England spending significant and increasing sums of money on agency and temporary staff: 8% of its staff expenditure

Sunday Politics Scotland: Brexit and #indyref2 - two journos get it wrong!

Nobody wants "a referendum tomorrow" (Lindsay McIntosh) - debate is between wait till UK does its #Brexit worst  or  set #indyref2 date soon

There is no "fundamentalist wing" (Kevin McKenna) of SNP. Two wings, both flying towards #independence. Difference only on timing #indyref2

#SCOTSMAN SNP supporters ‘don’t want to rush’ [#indyref2] … Is this a true reflection of Sheppard supporters' views?

Last bit of #SPScotland matters because of subject matter, - not because two journalists are getting their analyses right. They're not ...

Corbyn restated his opposition to independence but said he hoped left-leaning supporters of the Yes campaign would be tempted to back Labour

Voters may legitimately express indignation and outrage. They voted for #politicians to consider take action - not to mirror their emotions.
Ultimately indignation and outrage are the least productive of political emotions. From politicians, a mask to hide absence of action plans.

#SundayPoliticsScotland shed about as much light on #Brexit with Tomkins/Gethins discussion as a guttering torch bulb. G-sus! Do better, SPS

#DailyPolitics Iain Duncan Smith - the embodiment of bland Tory glibness, utterly detached from any political reality. #Brexit

I think it might have, but they certainly fuelled Tory division and panic - never hard to do ...Peter Curran added,

#DailyPolitics Isabelle Oakeshott, recent sensationalist biographer of Cameron and pig heads - Andrew Neil's favourite Daily Mail journalist

UKIP gets massive media coverage, but not because they matter politically. SNP is the party that has and WILL change UK politics permanently

Lewd Donald Trump Tape Is a Breaking Point for Many in the G.O.P.
Only because he got caught: there spoke an authentic Republican macho male

Corbyn delivered a lecture in memory of late Jimmy Reid.
Jimmy Reid joined SNP, Jeremy: stayed with it. He wouldn't have been "wooed back".

#Jazz MARR: Ken Clarke on Jazz
Despite this, Marr went on to feature his usual end of show musical pap ...

Peter Curran ‏@moridura  10h10 hours ago
"The purpose of a public school education is to teach you to respect people you don't respect." Jeremy Paxman's schoolmaster during a caning

Every time you stand for the Union, #Jeremy, you stand for #Trident, you stand for #Tory hegemony, and you stand against Scotland's interest
Reach out to Scots by all means, Jeremy - but NOT for the Union, NOT for Labour in Scotland, but for #England.

You let them down, let Republican Party down, let Americans down, let humanity and tolerance down every time you open your big mouth, Donald

We've never been closer to nuclear war since Cuban missile crisis. One miscalculation by US or Putin, one crucial incident, could trigger it

Listening to Marr and Fallon discussing the reality of a "looming nuclear war" chills my soul. #Scotland, YOU are a prime target! #indyref2

Be clear, #Corbyn: I support you for #England because you're their only option. NOT for Unionist Labour in #Scotland. Don't play that game!

So #John McCain dumps #Trump after sexist video? Did nothing else about this awful man bother you up to now, John?

I was ahead of the game with Referendum Murders creepy clown! … - … - … -

Tory says Amber Rudd's plan "worse than Donald Trump's plan to ban Muslims from USA and even compared it to the Nazi treatment of the Jews"