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Thursday, 12 January 2017

My comment on Tommy Sheppard’s piece pre-SIC on energising the independence movement

Tommy Sheppard’s Common Space piece, pre-Scottish Independence  Convention,  on energising independence movement - and my comment and views.  See link CommonSpace 


The independence movement certainly needs energising. In my perception - once I step outside of the indy press and online bubble - it's leaking energy by the day.

It may be that the only way to re-energise it is for SNP Govt/Greens to initiate the processes to call #indyref2, with the timing of the ballot and duration referendum after that at the discretion of SNP Govt/Greens, with ratification by the Holyrood Parliament.

While it would nice to have a short campaign, I doubt if that is possible because of legal hurdles and perhaps frontal challenges by the Westminster Government, and it is arguable that a campaign as long as that will allow us to get our core policies lined up with a core YES consensus, and that a campaign as long as that preceding the 2014 Referendum will provide all the energy and motivation needed for activists to really focus on shifting perceptions and poll.

I believe we have never been better placed to fight a successful independence campaign

- in UK Parliamentary and Holyrood terms

- with an experienced and battle- hardened YES

- with media (two newspapers)

- with a major looming issue and threat in Brexit

- and with an extreme right-wing and incompetent Tory Government caught up in desperate attempts to resource a chaotic negotiating strategy, and with wide European goodwill towards us.

As for polls, as in indyref1 - where we started from an infinitely lower base - it's our job to change them, and only a campaign after a starting gun has been fired - #indyref2 - and a named ballot date will do that.

Waiting for some illusory ideal time which will never exist is like waiting for Godot, and risks the fear of failure mood blunting the will to win. We are after all, an independence movement, and independence movements are not characterised by timidity or fear of failure. Let's do it!