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Friday, 9 June 2017

The Way ahead – the day after …

My Twitter thoughts on yesterday and the events of today so far.


My constituency, Edinburgh West was won convincingly by LibDem Christine Jardine. It has traditionally been LibDem over many years.

A single question now dominates my mind. Who is going to save us from nuclear extinction now?

On results to date, it seems that Scotland is the saviour of the Union and Tory Government. It'll be interesting to see how world views it.

Am I despondent? I am not. There's hope for civilised values - the best are re-energised and the worst have no real cause for rejoicing. Ulster Unionists are propping up Theresa May in forming a Government.
Weak and wobbly, she's headed for Buckingham Palace to get Queen's OK.

If anybody 'won' the UK general election campaign, it is Jeremyy Corbyn. SNP won in Scotland. So there's hope. Yes, there's definitely hope.

A Tory PM had to go to the Queen with her coat on a shaky nail and only an "understanding" from DUP to redeem her folly. Hell mend her. The Queen gave Theresa May the go-ahead to form a government. She'll now form a goverment - as the puppet of the DUP-stringpullers.

G-sus! Can it survive long? Not likely!

 Theresa May/DUP deal "Decisions that affect London will now be taken in Belfast" BBC News

Is that price worth paying, Your Royal Majesty? Has the over-rated spinner from Down Under - LyntonCrosby - put the overrated Theresa May down under? John McTernan and Julia Gillard all over again?

Theresa May is now to the Tory Party what the Edsel was to the Ford Company Motor Company.

Has Lynton Crosby resigned yet? "Strong and stable" must now rank with "You're never alone with a Strand" as a persuasive marketing pitch. Theresa May's judgment is now fatally damaged - tactically, strategically - and for me, morally. Oot, oot, oot!

(Any Stephen Gethins voter can now entertain the belief that it might have been their vote alone that secured Stephen's seat. Democracy!)

Theresa May's now lost the confidence of the Tory Party. Her enemies are gathering, her allies are demoralised. Her days are numbered. Good! By the Tory Party’s ruthless standards, Theresa May is now a loser and Ruth Davidson a saviour. Where will they go from here? Who knows?

Corbyn and Nicola now need the LibDems and DUP in some kind of understanding to defeat Tories - that's the reality. Unlikely bedfellows?

As Marcus Chown‏ @marcuschown tweeted -

How can someone who misread UK electorate read 27 EU leaders? How can someone who is afraid to debate negotiate with 27 EU leaders?

There are radical_options open to SNP. FM won't adopt them, so I won't list them. Nicola's cautious strategies leave her with good options.

The Rainbow Coalition seems likely to be a Coalition of Opposition if Theresa May gets the Queen's OK. She will. Brenda's not a radical.

Perhaps the most idiotic question ever put by a BBC presenter was put by BBC today to Corbyn "Don't you think you should resign as leader?"

Given the hung Parliament and dependent on how Corbyn sees his role, it's not inconceivable that we could have another general election.

The electorates of Moray and Gordon must now face the consequences of their vote - they have lost two great Parliamentarians and gained - what?

The Scottish Parliament’s  vote to call #indyref2 at a time of Nicola's choosing - or not - remains. Corbyn must decide on his view of Scotland. We are essentially thrown back to Nicola's strategic position at 2015 manifesto launch - and in this election. It's about Brexit, not indy.

Whatever Corbyn decides on Rainbow Coalition he must work with SNP to have any impact on the Tories. Only a coalition can secure government.
Westminster has lost two great Parliamentarians - Angus Robertson and Alex Salmond. They are not lost to SNP, to democracy or independence.

Take heart - we still have Pete Wishart and the spirit of Runrig in Westminster!

What are the "Tory landslide" pollsters saying today?
SNP and Greens share many core values and core objectives with Corbyn's Labour - excluding Union and independence - and a common Tory enemy.

SNP will now have a pivotal role in UK politics in supporting a Labour-led Rainbow Coalition - IF Labour has the sense to pursue one.