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Thursday, 30 November 2017

The Queensferry Crossing debacle - a classic piece of destructive unionist politicking over a great Scottish land mark project

Nicola Sturgeon, FMQs 30th November 2017

"Firstly, what Willie Rennie want to call pedantry, I call accuracy and honesty.
Secondly, as the Transport Minister has set out - as I have set out today - it was not known in August what would be required to be done in order to fix this particular stretch of road.
There had to be investigations, and a design for this repair had to be prepared. When that had happened, and when it was known that that would require a lane closure and the diversion of southbound traffic to the existing Forth Road Bridge, minsters were informed of that - they were informed of that last week - and when it was known when the weather would allow the repairs to be carried out, Parliament and the public were informed of that.
That is exactly how these things should happen.
And more generally here, what we have is, as I've said repeatedy today, one of the biggest construction projects in the history of this country, with some snagging work requiring to be done.
Now I know that politics comes into play when we debate these things in this Parliament. I'm not complaining about that - we all are guilty of that - but I think most people who use the bridge, and most people who travel across this bridge will understand that once a bridge like this is in operation, there will require to be to be pieces of work done to deal with any snagging defects that arise. That is what is happening.
I regret that it is happening, because I don't want to see any inconvenience to the travelling public - but it's important to put these right, not least when it's 70 miles per hour. Speed limits can be introduced so that people can continue to use this bridge in the way intended - so let's focus on that - and with the greatest of respect to Willie Rennie, let's stop mischaracterising what is happening.”
Gaun yersel, Nicola – show them how grown-up politics are conducted …