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Saturday, 23 December 2017

End of Year Tweeting Time. Have a Merry Christmas and a Guid New Year

  1. Peter Curran‏ @moridura

    'The Referendum Murders' re-titled The Scottish Referendum Murders to avoid confusion with EU referendum. …

  2. Peter Curran‏ @moridura 

    Scotland thanks #Richard_Leonard, not just for giving us the biggest #Holyrood laugh of 2017, but a #key_objective with which to enter 2018 - "To join the #small_independent_countries with higher #GDPs and #growth_rates by becoming independent ourselves."

  3. Peter Curran‏ @moridura 

    All #Scotland's problems won't be solved by getting the hell out of this #Disunited_Kingdom - just most of the key ones. We'll still make mistakes - we're human - but they'll be our mistakes, not those of a Scotland-hostile government in Westminster - a self-serving narrow clique

  4. Peter Curran‏ @moridura

    The #Blue_Brexit_Passport is a #Passport_to_Penury and isolationism. In contrast #Scotland has always looked outward, and as a truly internationalist country, knows that #internationalism begins with secure #nationalism and real identity as a people. #indyref2 late2018/early2019

  5. Peter Curran‏ @moridura

    Peter Curran Retweeted Paul Lewis

    The "security bits" for UK citizens are all being subtracted in UK, as it blunders into this #Benighted_Brexit, full of empire-nostalgic bluster, Land of Hope and Glory nostalgia: a synthetic patriotism for a country that never existed, #Britain', a conglomerate of four countries

    Paul Lewis @paullewismoney

    Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis cannot promise that new blue passport will be made in UK @BBCr4today though the security bits he says are all added in UK

  6. Peter Curran‏ @moridura

    2018 is the year the small cloud on the frozen horizon of Scottish unionists will grow insistently larger, as will the question "Is staying with this disunited, politically and economically chaotic and blinkered Union really the best thing for Scotland?" Help them find the answer

  7. Peter Curran‏ @moridura

  8. Peter Curran‏ @moridura

    #separatist A person who supports the separation of a particular group of people from a larger body on the basis of #ethnicity, #religion, or #gender. #Scotland and #Catalonia do not seek independence on any of these, but on historical, geographical, economic and cultural grounds

  9. Peter Curran‏ @moridura

  10. Word #ethnicity is now confusing, and original definition is inadequate, with usage tending to refer to #racial_origin and physical characteristics, rather than just #national_origin. e.g. "a common national or cultural tradition", as census questions on #ethnic_origin make clear

    Peter Curran‏ @moridura

  11. I almost felt sorry for #Tom_Gordon. How to write a sketch piece on #FMQs and omit mentioning #Richard_Leonard's own goal on "small independent countries" - the highlight of FMQs this week. But he managed - …